Enjoy a great varity of hiking and nature day trips from Sofia with proffesional guides in the beautiful Bulgarian nature


The location of Sofia gives you the opportunity to choose between many refreshing hiking and nature day trips. Each trip has its own level of walking difficulty varying from easy to moderately difficult, and each trip is related to unique natural sites like lakes, waterfalls, rocks and others, which you will see. Below we have made a list for you that probably gathers the most popular nature and hiking trips from Sofia: 

The Seven Rila Lakes

This is definitely the most famous hiking trip from Sofia. The area of the lakes is situated in 1,5-hour drive from the Bulgarian capital and then you will continue your journey 30 more minutes with a chair lift. The hike around the lakes is with moderate difficulty and takes between 3 and 5 hours depending on your tempo. When you reach the last lake, you will see breathtaking panoramic views. The trip to the lakes is accessible from June to October, or sometimes in May and November as well if the weather conditions allow it.

Vitosha Mountain

The Vitosha Mountain is located just next to Sofia so it is the closest place for hiking trips. It offers a lot of different trails and paths. The difficulty and the length of the hiking can be adjusted so it is accessible for most people. If you take a trip to the mountain with us, you will also see from above some of the panoramic views of the town. The hiking trips to Vitosha are accessible from March to November.

The Iskar Gorge

Not very famous, but also amazingly beautiful is the area of the river Iskar Gorge, situated North from Sofia in the Balkan mountain. The area offers several paths with different lengths and difficulties, so it is accessible for most people. During these tours you will be able to enjoy the unspoiled nature around you and from the top of the path you will see the amazing panoramic views around. The hiking trips there are accessible from March to November

Krushuna Waterfalls and Devatashka Cave

If you are not much into hiking, but you still want to see some beautiful natural places, this is the trip for you! These two sites are located in Lovech area, about 3-hour drive from Sofia. The Devatashka Cave is the second biggest in Bulgaria and once you are inside, it will enchant you with its size and forms. The Krushuna waterfalls are a cascade, coming down from the Balkan Mountain, creating a very refreshing atmosphere. Both of these places are perfect for making great pictures, especially considering the fact that usually they are not crowded.

Belogradchik Rocks

The Belogradchik Rocks are considered a wonder of nature. They are situated in North- West Bulgaria, in about 3-hour drive from Sofia. They will amaze you with their size and form! Bellow the rocks is situated an old medieval fortress that was built there to protect the road. The area is also popular because of the many caves that are located there and you can use the opportunity to visit some of them as well!

So to summarize -  if you like hiking, you can take a trip to the Seven RIla Lakes, Vitosha Mountain or the Iskar Gorge. If you prefer not to walk that much, you can choose a trip to Devatashka Cave and Krushuna Waterfalls or the Belogradchik rocks.

All of these tours are led by friendly and passionate local guides that are a guarantee for memorable experiences!

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Hike in a refreshing mountain atmosphere
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Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views
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